West Gambier is coming off a narrow loss to North Gambier and the challenges continue with the Roos set to head to McDonald Park taking on the undefeated Bulldogs.

Every match up is intriguing with the potential to heavily impact on the final result.

Young West shooter Sarah Ritter has been in outstanding form and was again one of her side’s best at  the weekend, but she will be challenged by East goal keeper Bo Creek, who loves the challenge of the tall shooters and has great agility and aerial ability to make sure Ritter earns every possession.

Star East defender Lisa Fyfe takes on one of the hardest working goal attacks in the competition in Lisa  McGregor and this does loom as one of the match shaping battles.

McGregor works high up the court and is the general of the West forward line and she will be looking to  limit the ability of Fyfe to create turnover ball by working the ball in tandem with Tara Bryant and Carlee  Ransom with speed and precision.

The Roos will need to be mindful of the ability of Fyfe to read the play and take the spectacular intercept and certainly will be looking to avoid too much cross court play that is the Bulldogs defender bread and butter.

Bryant and Ransom will have a mountain of work to do, getting the ball to McGregor and Ritter in space and it will not be easy, with Bryant taking on Emily Hunter, who is a strong, hard driving centre and Ransom set to take on Tyne Bosko, if she has recovered from her long weekend injury, or Kate Dempsey or Chloe Perryman, who shared the role in the victory over Millicent in round 10.

Nikeisha Facey is coming off one of her best performances of the season and she will again need to be  switched on ready to deny easy ball to the dangerous Tarsh McCallum, who uses her speed to great effect and has a great connection with Tenille Gray and Amryn Bosko.

The East shooting duo loom as the hardest to combat  in the competition, given Gray has always been a dominant force and Amryn Bosko has stepped up to share  the shooting responsibilities.

Roos defenders Amy Cram and Jade Ritter will need to be at their best, working in tandem to shut down time and space, if they are to dent the two accurate finishers too much ball.

It will be another hard fought game with a tight scoreline but it is hard to see East getting toppled this weekend.


South Gambier had a great start against Casterton Sandford and then just managed to hold on for a seven goal victory last round, while Millicent is coming off an eight goal loss to East Gambier, meaning both sides will be looking to iron out some wrinkles and put in a four quarter performance.

Last time the two met, South took it right up to Millicent but with Tabatha Sanderson back on court and the reigning premiers now building for another tilt at a title in the second half of this season, the Demons look set to face a much tougher Saints line-up.

 Millicent is still working through the best combinations to put out on court but whichever roles they take  on, the defensive unit is unrelenting in its pressure and willingness to contest.

Portia McRae, Hannah Nitschke and Kimmi  Tincknell are tight checking defenders who love reading the play and with Lucy Denton and Lisa Duldig  adding to that pressure with their mid court defensive efforts, South will need to be careful with ball in hand and be prepared to work overtime to find the edge of the circle and their goalers – Lara Munro and Grace Edwards – in space.

Renee Pluckhahn has moved into the centre and with the speed of Hannah Witherow, smarts of Imi Walker and the clever delivery of Alyssa Duncan, the Demons  have strong options to bring the ball through that defensive pressure.

 The Demons defender certainly kept South in control of their round 10 clash and they will need to be at  their best to deny Millicent easy scoring opportunities.

Sanderson provides that tall target and will be better for the run last weekend, while the speed of ball out the front with Demi Verbena, Paige Nitschke and Denton means the ball will be coming inaccurately and at pace.

Brandi Bouchier and Ellie Bouchier will need to be at their best to get those all important touches to create turnover opportunities but in the end, the Millicent line-up just looks too strong.


North Gambier is coming off a hard fought win over West Gambier and start this clash with Casterton Sandford overwhelming favourites.

The Cats had an improved showing at the weekend, recovering from a sluggish start to challenge South in  every quarter before going down but North is a different proposition.

Tigers shooter Caroline Davey is in outstanding form and continues to not only shoot the lion’s share of North’s tally but finishes accurately.

Her combination with Ellen Brown continues to develop, with Brown proving the perfect foil, with her pace and willingness to take the long shot.

Brianna Walters and Mel Renko are all class in the midcourt, while defensively, they do not come much tougher than Maddie Whaites and Noni McConnell, with Tenielle Barry and Lauren Buddle providing the mid court pressure on the defensive wing.

The issue for the Cats, is they do not really have the height to compete with Davey – it was how South stayed in control last weekend when they could access Grace Edwards because of her height advantage.

Caeleigh Humphries is a talented defender who will look to intercept the ball before it gets as far as Davey, while Claire Foster and Ebany Jarrad will probably both  spend time on the tall Tigers shooter and hope the pressure from the mid court will see some inaccurate feeds  into Davey, giving them a chance to turn the ball over.

Scarlett Jarrad is coming off her 300 game celebration and her hard running and defensive mind set will  see her battle with Renko as one of the best on the day.

The attack line, led by coach Tori Broomby, will need  to work hard to unsettle the experience Tigers defensive line, with Charlotte Rice and Paige Murrell needing  to work together to earn enough ball in range.

The Cats continue to develop but North will be too strong given their superior depth and experience.

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