Saints step up against Kongorong


Nangwarry started strong taking advantage of any opportunity, while Saints defenders Carly Plungers and Hayley Vanderhorst worked overtime pushing Kongorong goalies Emalee Stokker and Sarah Beare to continuously create new positions.

Nangwarry’s GA Ange Pratt finished the quarter with 11 goals helping her team take an 8-goal lead in to the first break Kongorong 10 to Nangwarry 18.

The second quarter saw both teams lift their work rate capitalising on every opportunity. Kongorong junior Zara VonStanke went down with an ankle injury late in the term seeing Georgia Bald come on to WD.

Nangwarry’s centre Hayley Burner and WA Kylie Heaver combined and fed well into their goalies finding any open space. Nangwarry increased the lead at half time Kongorong 17 to Nangwarry 32.

The third quarter saw Kongorong swing some changes with Sarah Beare moving into the mid court and Georgia Bald into goals, Nangwarry remained unchanged. Both teams continued to increase their work rate and make the most of every opportunity, Nangwarry increased their lead with scores Kongorong 25 to Nangwarry 48.

The final quarter saw an even score, with players putting their bodies on the line for position. The Anzac Day medal was awarded to Hayley Burner.


Mount Burr started the game strongly with pressure and high work rate from circle defenders Heidi Clark and Madi Haggett forcing Kalangadoo goaler’s Abbey Duncan and Melissa Russell to word hard to find space.

Mount Burr’s Heidi Clark began to make her mark on the game, reading the play well to take many timely intercepts. Kalangadoo’s youngster Kori Collins worked hard at WD to take countless intercepts to help Kalangadoo go into the first break in front with the smallest of margins.

During the second quarter Kalangadoo’s Chelsea Croser and Chloe Pratt stepped up their intensity, forcing errors from Mount Burr’s attack to help Kalangadoo extend the margin to six going into half time.

Midway through the third quarter an injury to Kori Collins provided an opportunity for Kalangadoo junior Sophie Wrightson to hit the court for her first A grade match into WA, with Kalangadoo moving Jane Auld to WD.

Jane Auld provided a good tussle against Ella Falting. Mount Burr’s goal shooter Ebony Clark had a solid third quarter missing only one goal from 10 attempts to help Mount Burr peg back the score to go into three quarter time down 41 goals to 37.

The final quarter continued at a high intensity with Mount Burr’s Laura Schultz positioning well to feed her goaler’s with precision. Madi Haggett continued to work hard on Kalangadoo’s Ebony McDiarmid who was positioning well for her feeders.

Through Kalangadoo’s defensive pressure and experience they were able to extend the lead out to seven at the final whistle.


Both teams came into this round determined to add points to the board. Glencoe started well with an intercept from Sarah Edwards and a quick conversion from Caitlin Hentschke.

Tantanoola’s Emma Gould used her body strength and held well all game, Gould finished with 12 goals in the first quarter with the match tied at 16 a piece at the first break.

Within the first 5 minutes of the second quarter Glencoe took a huge blow with Malinda Markiewicz taking a fall and coming off injured – Markiewicz was not able to take the court again.

This meant new club recruit Taitlyn Rothe took the court in GA, with Rothe and Hentschke combining well and finding space with ease.

Tantanoola’s Vic Lucas stepped up for her team taking some timely intercepts at the centre pass, however smart play by Donna Jeaschke and Ashlea Edwards in Glencoe’s attack meant the Murphies went into half time with a 7 goal lead.

During the third quarter Tantanoola stepped up the defensive pressure and Tantanoola’s young gun Tayla Rowe got her hands to some balls in the circle, this along with some strong drives from Casey Walker meant the Tigers were able to reduce the deficit by 3 at three quarter time.

The last quarter saw Glencoe’s defence duo Sarah Edwards and Emily Thompson step it up a notch and were able take away the space in the Tigers goal circle, that along with some uncharacteristic missed goals from Tant’s Jami Walker meant Glencoe were able keep them to 10 for the quarter.

Glencoe came away with a 10-goal victory.


Both Robe and Hatherleigh were pumped and ready to go after the pregame action and the hosts came out strong in the first quarter, with lots of pressure all over the court and accurate shooting by Tori Gluyas.

Georgia Perkins was making it hard work for Hatherleigh’s goalies Maddie Redman and Lacey Haines, getting her hands to lots of balls and excellent rebounding. Unfortunately Robe’s Alannah Campbell went down with an ankle injury in the first quarter.

Robe were up by 1 goal at quarter time. The second quarter saw Robe keep up the fight, with Robe’s Cartia Borrelli coming into GD.

Hatherleigh started to put more pressure on all over the court, Hatherleigh’s Lara McGregor made it tough for Robe’s Kim Ross, getting her hands to lots of balls.

Hatherleigh started to become more accurate in goals and were making it tough to get the ball into the ring in Robe’s attack line, with great pressure from Maddie Pulmer and Sarah Broodhead in defence.

Hatherleigh took the lead at half time, being up by 2 goals. At half time Hatherleigh swapped Pulmer and Redman from GS to GD, which worked well to Hatherleigh’s advantage.

Pulmer was strong under the ring and held strong and shot accurately. Redman was also a huge asset in Hatherleigh’s defence, bringing the ball down the court with strong leads.

This saw Hatherleigh being up by 13 at three quarter time. In the last quarter Hatherleigh pushed on and maintained their standard for the last 15 minutes, Tegan Merrett worked tirelessly at WA for Hatherleigh, driving and feeding the ball into the ring with precision and saw her come away with the Eileen Canny Anzac Memorial Medal.

Lacey Haines also played a great game, finishing the game off strong, with accurate shooting for Hatherleigh. This saw Hatherleigh take the win by 18 goals.

Best players for Hatherleigh were Lacey Haines and Sarah Broodhead and for Robe were Georgia Perkins and Tory Gluyas.

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