Science fiction success reality

Mount Gambier teacher turned young adult fantasy author Jennifer Ward is taking the literary world by storm.

Ms Ward first started writing significantly in her teenage years after finding a love for English at an early age.

Admittedly a fan of irony she dropped out of high school yet became a teacher some 10 years later.

Printed under the pen name Jenni Ward, she has released seven books since her debut novel in 2020.

“I published my debut novel in 2020 right in the middle of COVID-19,” she said.

“It was bad timing, but this book was 14 years in the making so I decided to release it.

“I do not just write fantasy exclusively, I read widely so I write widely.

“I have been writing for a long time and I love it.”

Ms Ward most recently took part in the Adam Spirits Anthology by Romantic Fantasy Shop with over 40 other authors to raise money for the refugees of Ukraine.

The book has received a number 1 bestseller tag on Amazon in Science Fiction Anthologies which was Ms Ward’s first best seller tag.

Ms Ward said it would be nice if writing was more prevalent in Mount Gambier.

“Growing up and even now, the Limestone Coast is very sports orientated and we have lots of focus on sports but when it comes to things like writing there are not so many resources,” she said.

“I know the Mount Gambier Library host a writer’s group, but it would be nice if there was more of a focus, even in schools, when it comes to encouraging things that are not sport.”

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