Seaside station vacant

The position of officer-in-charge of Beachport police station has been vacant for the past two months. The seaside position was vacated in May by Brevet Sergeant Nick Wood after almost two years as officer-in-charge.

Beachport has continuously had a resident police station since the 1870s with the colonial-era original station now a private holiday rental. The Beachport police vacancy is one of a number of local staff matters among the ranks of the emergency services.

The civilian office manager’s position at Millicent police has been vacant for four months and this has impacted on the availability of over-the-counter queries. The Kalangadoo Police Station has been unstaffed for almost four years. The SE Voice asked the SAPOL media section about local staffing matters and received this statement.

“SAPOL will not be making any comment on selection time frames,” a police spokesman said. “It is important to understand there is no relationship between the opening hours of a police station front counter and the availability of police to respond to the public’s calls for assistance. “We remind the public that in a life-threatening emergency they should call Triple Zero (000) while for police assistance they should call 131 444.

“Police patrols from Millicent and Robe also regularly patrol the (Beachport) area to give added security and coverage for the public. “A range of services are also offered online for community members who want to report lost property, a minor collision or cybercrime.”

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