Sister act features in

Two local sisters are pinching themselves after their handbag brand featured in a designer magazine.

Marika Gazzard and Ilana Adam’s (pictured below) Lanamara brand featured in SA LIFE magazine, landing a photograph in a coveted spot amongst high end luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. 

Mrs Gazzard was thrilled to see their product placed in such a prime position.

“It is surreal and exciting seeing our bags in the beautiful glossy pages of the magazine,” she said.

“We had no idea which bags would be featured if any until the edition was released containing a double spread,” added Mrs Adam.

Lanamara started as a hobby in 2017 after a trip abroad struck inspiration for Mrs Gazzard.

“I saw a few unique handbags and accessories that I really loved and had not seen sold in Australia,” she said. 

The women’s mother and renowned Mount Gambier dressmaker Maureen Klintberg has spent her life dressing brides and debs alike. 

However, it came as a surprise to Mrs Gazzard that her mother also “used to make handbags”.

“Ilana and I grew up with Mum teaching us how to sew so that on the weekend we would whip up an outfit to wear out that night,” Mrs Gazzard said.

These one of a kind creations meant the sisters grew up wearing “unique clothes that no one else had”.

With Mrs Klintberg’s help, Mrs Gazzard found a leather supplier and started making some bags for family and friends while living in Adelaide. 

In 2018, Mrs Gazzard decided to have a “tree change” moving back Mount Gambier to reunite with Mrs Adam in the town they grew up in. 

Deciding to take the business to the next level, Mrs Gazzard started an online store with Mrs Adam as she never wanted to do it alone.

“The timing was right and we have always wanted to do something together,” Mrs Gazzard said. 

“I think with any new business it’s just about enjoying the ride while moving forward and getting through challenges.

“We’re grateful to be working together every day and living in a supportive regional community with family around us.”

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