Solid performances recorded

Round 11 of the Mount Gambier Netball Association has ended with a weekend of netball marked by some  great performances and matches and in celebration of the life of league stalwart Andrea  Wright.

Umpires on Saturday were adorned with black armbands in remembrance for Ms Wright, who sadly passed away recently.

A speech and moment of silence were held on Saturday morning, out of respect.

In the league’s top division, Vicis came up against Zodiacs in an anticipated match-up.

Shots at goal regularly hit the mark with the ball quickly moving from the defensive line through to attack in a fast-paced match.

By the end of the game, Vicis secured a 10-goal win after quarters that ended with just a few points separating both teams.

As per usual, Intruders and Hobitz had a  great battle for the entire game with defenders working hard up against goalies who were  moving well.

The accuracy of Intruders’ forward Tash Moreland was a highlight for the team, with Ms Moreland rarely missing the mark when she shot.

Hobitz showed more composure, however and with direct passing allowed their goalies  to increase the lead on the books.

Great movements were seen under the ring with accuracy  increasing throughout the game.

At the end of the game, Hobitz took the win by seven goals.

The last game of the round was between Amazons and Saints, a tough one for Amazons on paper, but Saints took to the courts without three of their main side.

Strong movements around the Saints goal ring saw them feed the ball to their goalies well and with accuracy with defenders were working hard and closing space all over the court.

Teams were settling into a close game with Amazons looking to pick up any mistimed passes and work their way down the court.

Saints increased their work ethic as each minute passed, showing they were there for the long haul.

At the end of the game, Saints claimed the win with a convincing 29-goal win.

The two games in A2 did not disappoint spectators who braved the elements with Intruders and Saints having a great game.

A strong second quarter from Intruders saw them ultimately take a good win.

Hobitz and Zodiacs had a bit more of a onesided game with Hobitz starting strong and  never letting up.

B1 matches saw some great play-offs with Amazons and Hobitz Blue having a close one for the entire match.

Both sides worked hard for the game with the difference of eight goals not depicting the play on the court.

Hobitz Red and Zodiacs both matched up  well with Zodiacs’ players showing their commitment and shooting accuracy.

The in-house battle between Intruders Orange and Intruders Black saw the latter score a great win at the end of the game.

B2 games went according to plan, with Saints taking control of their game against Zodiacs from the first whistle.

Vicis and Hobitz had a closer game, with the former increasing their lead after the half time break.

A great game in the Under 17s competition was played between Hobitz Red and Hobitz Blue, adding to both teams’ consistency after a recent draw showed there is not much between these sides.

The game was level at the final whistle in a great game from both sides where every player came off the court knowing they had a good performance.

The other game within the Under 17s saw Intruders take on Saints, touted as a close  game if their previous encounters were anything to go by.

 Intruders came out quick with their passion showing, while their goalies were shooting well and the movements through the courts were strong and direct.

 Passing was spot on to ensure their possssion counted each time.

Saints took a little to  get going with the conditions taking a bit to settle their side.

Once they did, their defenders worked hard  to close down space allowing their attackers to move the ball to their goalies.

However, Intruders’ had a blow to its shooting line up in the second quarter, with changes  unsettling the side.

Saints jumped on this and managed to bring the scores closer, only being down by 2 at the main break.

At the end of the game, Intruders claimed the win by nine goals.

Within the Under 15s, players showed their commitment for their side with mid-court players working overtime.

Passing, defence work and creating space was tough in each of the games with shooting being the ultimate decider in these games.

The 13A players came out with determination and gave the spectators two close games  for the round.

Each side was working as one  defensively.

Plenty of cheering from the sidelines gave an indication that games were close.

The U13B teams had one-sided games this week, but watching the players on court, this was not showing.

If you did not know the  score, players were giving their all and working hard to maintain possession of the ball.

 Finally, the Go and Set champions made their way to the courts on Friday in what could only be described as conditions better for a duck.

Players did not let this dampen their passion for the game and showed they can play in all conditions.

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