Southern Ports tennis finals near

Round 14 of the Southern Ports Tennis season was played last weekend and Beachport caused a stir by defeating Naracoorte. The upset win saw the two teams swap positions on the ladder with Beachport going into sixth spot and join the race for finals contention.

The day started chaotically with players trapped outside the courts, but play began after a short delay. The mixed doubles started strong for each team with both taking three sets each. The Beachport men stepped up in the singles winning four out of six sets, while the women managed to retain the lead after a tight battle.

After the Beachport ladies stepped up at the end of the day to win all doubles, the Naracoorte men gave it a good crack only dropping one set in the doubles. The top men had a great single with Jake Harris (Beachport) winning 7-5. The number 4’s for the day being Doug Treloar and Caroline McGrath for Beachport and Sam Baker and Harry White for Naracoorte had tight games all day with their mixed being a tie breaker going former’s way.

Georgia Clarke and Sonya White had a ripper match, but Beachport ended up victorious for the day 14 sets to 10. The game between the Lucindale Roos & Frances Naracoorte was another nail bitter for both teams. In their last encounter, both teams ended with 12 sets all and it looked like this was going to happen again when the top ladies and men’s doubles hit the courts.

With Frances Naracoorte narrowly defeating their Lucindale opponents in two very entertaining matches. The final game saw Tyler Atkinson and Flo Bergwin claw their way back from 7-1 down to win in a tie breaker for Lucindale Naracoorte.

But Lucindale Roos were too strong and won by four sets. Top-placed Robe hit to the road to visit Kingston and enjoyed a fine day out. The ladder leaders dropped just 10 games in total across the doubles and dominated the first of six singles.

However, the next six sets were exciting with Fraser Watts getting up against Robe’s Leanne Cameron 6 to 4. Lou Leidig also won a tight battle with new-nemesis Alex Clements. But Robe flexed its muscles to take all the doubles and win by 18 sets.

In perfect conditions at Lucindale the Roos took on the Cockatoos which on paper looked as though it would be a very close contest. But once play began the Cockatoos jumped ahead winning five of the mixed doubles. The Roos had some catching up to do and they started well with Anthony and Leanne McCarthy collecting 6-3 wins. But that was all they could manage with the Cockatoos claiming the remaining 10 singles matches.

Winners of three sets for the day were Duncan Ogilvie, Mark Buckett, Jared Oliver, Russel Robinson, Lucy Handbury, Kiele, Bronwyn and Ella Longbottom. With four rounds remaining the top three spots are locked in. However, the remaining three are much up for grabs and some interesting match ups are in store this Saturday.

Lucindale Roos host Beachport, while the Koala’s take on the Cockatoos. Beachport will aim for a win against the Roos, ladder-leader Robe hosts Naracoorte, while Frances/Naracoorte has a bye.

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