Special police units visit

A special police training program in the Limestone Coast region involving around 20 officers draws to a close tomorrow. The Adelaide-based officers have travelled in marked and unmarked police vehicles and have been based at the police youth camp at Rendelsham since the start of last week.

The visiting police are all members of the Dog Operations Unit and they are training German Shepherd and Labrador dogs. As part of a scheduled training program, they have been undertaking random drug searches and inspecting business premises and hospitality venues. Among the towns visited have been Millicent and Beachport.

A police spokesperson said the dogs and their handlers undergo a series of scenarios and assessments. “They are set in a real-life environments to replicate what they do operationally,” the spokesperson said.

“The time provides a great opportunity for our members to up-skill, undertake team-building exercises as well as engage with regional South Australians who may not get the chance to see Police dogs in their communities every day.”

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