Sporting clay shooters face off at Lake Bonney

There were 80 shooters competing at the Fennell Forestry 75-target March shoot at Lake Bonney Sporting Clays. Conditions proved very favourable for the shooters with a wide variety of targets being presented.

Three shooters managed a perfect round of 25/25, Bruce Oakley, Jeremy Kent and Danny Bellinger. Kent claimed the high gun, while AA Grade winner Bellinger was only one target shy of shooting a perfect 50/50.

Dale Smith won A Grade, while Bob Clark overcame Clifford Lee in a shoot off for B Grade. Another shoot off occurred in C Grade between Graeme Fennell and Jaden Hendy.

However, Fennell held his nerve in the decided to claim the victory. The respective Senior and Veteran categories were won by Chris Wright and John Vandooren.

Women’s went to Tasha Bellinger and Declan Wright took out Juniors. In the sub Junior category, sibling rivaly reached a new level when, for the first time, there was a shoot off between brother and sister, Harry and Darci Bell.

They shot off for second and third in their grade and after two rounds in the shoot off Harry pulled out in front by two targets.

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