Stars come out to play

A celebrity dance off raised more than $108,000 for the Limestone Coast on the weekend, with 500 people attending to support the cause.

Swinging with the Stars was a sensational success at The Barn, raising funds for the Stand Like Stone foundation – and achieving the second largest tally ever. Stand Like Stone’s chief executive Anne Kerr said the local businesses supporting the event allow Stand Like Stone to contribute more money to the community.

“We have a fantastic voluntary committee that help us put Swinging with the Stars together; it really does take a team to make the dream happen,” she said. Ms Kerr said local performer Louise Adams and the Lucid Dreams had everyone up dancing and Gavin Clarke played acoustic music during dinner.

The four dance routines were choreographed by Hype Dance directors Kim Cella and Keana Soper. Ms Cella has choreographed the event for 10 years. Ms Kerr said the dance partners did a phenomenal job and it was humbling watching the Stars learn the dances to raise money for the community. “It takes such a special person, so I was humbled to be a part of their journey with them,” she said.

The Stars who made it to the Final 4 were Peter Loring, Macey Humphries, Stephen Holmes and Caroline Barr. Mr Loring came out on top, winning Best Dancer with dance partner Paris Ackland. “It was very, very gratifying to get announced as winners, very hubling,” Mr Loring said. “Everyone did such a good job, we’re very grateful.”

Mr Loring thanked Ms Cella and Ms Soper, Ms Ackland and his wife for her support. He said it was great to raise money for a local foundation and make a difference in the community. “Anything now that Stand Like Stone does, I’ll definitely feel that connection there,” he said.

Penola’s Kate Palm received the People’s Choice Award for raising the most money, nearly $28,000. “I still cannot quite believe it to be honest,” she said. “I was so proud and so humbled that people were so generous with all their donations and support, I was so excited.” Ms Palm said the event was the best night of her life. “All we wanted to do was get out there, enjoy it and do the best we could, and I think that’s exactly what we did,” she said.

Ms Palm thanked the Penola and Coonawarra community for their generosity and support, the Hype Dance team and Stand Like Stone foundation for the opportunity. “I’m so glad I said yes to it because it’s the best thing I have ever done,” she said. “I’ll cherish it forever now.”

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