State Government bumps up fees

The State Government last week gazetted a schedule of fees and charges for 2021-22, with most to increase by the standard government indexation rate of 1.9%.

The 1.9% increase covers a range of charges, including conveyancing fees, land valuations, motor vehicle registration and administration fees.

The cost to register a motorbike will increase $1 to $46, a driver’s licence annual fee will increase by $1 to $48, registration for a 4-cylinder vehicle will increase by $3 to $138, registration for a trailer will increase by $2 to $83, and issuing or renewing a learner’s permit will increase by $1 to $48.

Due to rounding issues, the actual percentage increases in some cases might be slightly different to 1.9%. In other cases, the independent Heavy Vehicle National Regulator administers annual fee increases determined by a nationally calculated indexation factor for heavy vehicle penalty and infringement notices, which in 2021-22 will be 0.9%.

Heavy vehicle registration increases, which are recommended by the National Transport Council, will be 2.5% in 2021-22. Treasurer Rob Lucas said the government had limited fee increases to the standard indexation rate, which had been used by previous governments over many years.

“The fee schedule for 2021-22 reflects a standard, or normal, increase despite significant budget challenges as a result of COVtID-19,” he said. Other fees, fines and charge rises – including public transport fares, traffic fines and expiation notices – will be gazetted early next month.

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