Station hours reduced

The office hours of the Millicent police station are currently being cut back. According to a sign posted on the front door, the usual business hours on weekdays have been temporarily suspended.

The premises are currently now open for public inquiries for up to two hours each weekday morning and weekday afternoon but this is subject to the availability of personnel. Whenever such temporary office changes are made, operational policing is unaffected.

The usual office arrangements are set to apply again when a new civilian appointment is made. Senior Sergeant First Class Rick Errington, officer-in-charge of Millicent police, said the recruitment process for a new office manager was about to get under way.

The Millicent police station was stripped of its CIB in 2019 after 34 years of a continuous CIB presence. There has not been a resident officer at Kalangadoo for over four years.

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