Strong fields at bowls event

Astrong field of 33 players took part in this week’s 2-4-2 pairs game, played over 20 ends at the Millicent Bowls Club.

New Tournament Chairperson Derk Pietersma was unveiled and welcomed all players.

The winning pair for the day was Malcolm Wright and Bryan Roper, who were in top form collecting a score of 35+18.

They were pushed hard by runners up Orr Grosvener, John Drew and Terry Barnes with the triple scoring a total of 32+11.

Other winning teams were, Derek Bowering and Eddie Hann 31+6, Ian Kuchel and Derk Pietersma 30+5, Rob Chambers and Denis Clifford 30+5, Steve Skeer and Iain Campbell 30+4, Joy Warren and Neil Whelan 30+2 plus Malcolm McRobert and Steve Carnellor 30+1.

Joy Warren has invited all ladies to come and play Tuesday bowls, starting at 11am.

The format is to have a few ends of bowls before a lunch break, while it is not necessary to ring names through to the bowls club before the game.

Players can simply turn up if they intend on playing.

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