Study focusses on saleyards

The Australian Livestock Markets Association has commissioned a research project investigating the social value of saleyards to rural communities and the Mount Gambier and District Saleyard will play a vital part in the project consultation.

Previous research has established that saleyards and livestock exchange facilities provide extensive economic value to regional Australia however this project will be focusing on measuring the social benefits that Saleyards create in rural communities.

The project is being carried out across four states by BlueWren Connections.

Mount Gambier and District Saleyards Strategy Committee presiding committee Councillor Barry Kuhl said the project “will give us valuable evidence-based research that we can then use to further support our saleyard and its community moving forward”.

Online surveys can be completed at, or attend a drop in interview at the saleyard meeting room between 7.30am and 3pm on September 10.

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