Study kept under wraps

A study into the possibility of additional value-added food enterprises in the region is being kept under wraps by Wattle Range Council.

The report was commissioned a year ago by the council but has remained confidential ever since.

It contains information relating to a food precinct study and commercial information of 11 companies who were interviewed and provided details. The decision to continue to keep the food precinct study in-house was made at the April monthly council meeting in Millicent.

In line with the Local Government Act, all councils across South Australia are obliged to review their confidential reports and motions at least once-per-year. Wattle Range Council has over 20 reports which fall into this category and all were reviewed at the April meeting.

The majority related to tenders for goods and services while other confidential reports relate to unpaid rates and matters relating to the Southend Caravan Park.

These confidential reports were considered on a case-by-case basis. They will remain confidential for the time being along with a probe into an individual complainant’s continuous and sustained vexatious behaviour towards council.

Information pertaining to a tender seeking expressions of interest for the purchase of Millicent Service Station, 13 Adelaide Road, Millicent will not be released until August of next year at the earliest.

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