Talks held over club sale

Preliminary moves are under way by Wattle Range Council to sell the Millicent Italian Social Club building.

Falling membership numbers and rising maintenance bills at the Short Street facility prompted the migrant group in mid-2015 to approach local government to take it over.

Council voted unanimously to do so and was looking to increase its usage. However, it has had only spasmodic use in the past six years including martial arts activities and as a flu vaccination facility.

The building was declared surplus to council requirements in 2019. Council has invited public comment until May 7 on its proposal to revoke the community land classification on the Millicent Italian Social Club land as well as an adjoining parcel of vacant land.

This area was the social base and playing pitch for the Millicent United Soccer Club before its move to McLaughlin Park around 30 years ago.

The land in question measures almost four hectares and is immediately to the east of the former Millicent rail lands.

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