Teams look towards finals

With games going  according to predictions, teams have a  hard road ahead with looking to finals positions.

Each grade now will focus on strategies, team plays and looking at ways to combat their opponents.

Grades yesterday recorded some great results for teams with each player working hard and doing their best for their side.

Goalies were limited with scores kept low throughout the day as defenders stepped up their work rates.

 Mid-court players were running overtime with the empty  spaces closed down forcing extra passes and more work to ensure limited turnovers.

Players are still working hard each week to improve their skills ahead a of a great future ahead of them.

13B recorded two close games for the day with only a few goals separating the sides.

Unfortunately, the other game was more one sided, but a credit to the youngsters for having a go and not bowing their heads.

Within the 13 and Under  games, each side put up a gallant effort with each player on  court shining in their own positions.

Players have worked hard this season with it showing on court.

Three great games in the 15 and Under competition with scores not depicting the play.

Each of the matches had tussles all over the court with scores from each game being closer than their last match ups.

Hobitz sister teams again dominated in the 17 and Under games with both sides having convincing wins.

These two teams are showing their strength all over the court.

Our B2 grades have shown there is two stronger sides with the remaining two giving it a red hot go.

Play in the games showed great team work and a fierce competitive streak.

This will be a great finals series to watch.

Matches within B1 was close all over.

The three games showed that no side is willing to give up easily with players stepping onto the courts with a want for the ball.

Scoring was close with defence work being challenged all over.

A great game in A2 between Saints and Hobitz with the final  scores coming down to 2 goals.

These two teams have played some fantastic games this season, with a close encounter always guaranteed.

Intruders stamped their authority over Zodiacs this week with a great win.

Zodiacs worked hard to keep the margin low.

 A Grade games went accordingly with Hobitz and Saints  again having a close battle.

Defenders worked hard this week with both sides seeing  their defenders take the accolades.

 Mid-court work being high  for the game with great matchups all over the court.

 Zodiacs had a tough game up against a focused Amazons side with some great work in the Amazons defence ring.

Scoring was challenged for Zodiacs seeing the ball return through the mid court many times.

Spaces were closed down all over the court with Mid court players working hard for the entire game.

Intruders stepped up their work ethic this week up against Vicis.

Strong team work and a knowledge of what was expected of them saw them come out fast from the first whistle.

Defence work high and strong shooting saw them take a good win.

Vicis worked well with its passing into goalies seeing them win the second quarter.

Each grade is shaping up nicely for a tough finals series.

Spectators have been treated to close games this season, with the remainder of the season not going to disappoint.

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