Tiller swings big with heavyweight victory

Local boxer Brad Tiller punched his way to glory winning the Super Heavyweight State Challenge belt recently.

The 125kg Dwyer’s Boxing Club fighter met Jason Mingoa, who had a 32kg advantage in the high-stakes bout.

However, Mount Gambier’s Tiller emerged victorious by stoppage after three intense rounds.

Dwyer’s Boxing Club coach Sam Dwyer said he anticipated a tough fight and Tiller was forced onto the back foot early.

“It was definitely Brad’s hardest fight and with over 280kg in the ring, so you knew  there was always going to be some leather thrown,” he said.

“Brad is not used to fighting somebody who is heavier than him, he is used to out-muscling guys, but you cannot do that against someone who is almost 160kg.

“Jason was happy to walk forward and throw punches to put Brad in the corner and he intelligently defended, but struggled to get out.

“That definitely gave Jason the first round, but Brad was a lot smarter in the second.” Tiller managed to flip the fight as the fight went on during a “wicked” turnaround as described by Dwyer.

“Jason expended most of his energy in the first round, so Brad just poured it on in the  later rounds,” he said.

“Brad was telling me before the fight he wanted to win by stoppage and it was the first time he did it, so he was very happy.

“It was his best fight mentally because it was the first time someone had put it on him and he kept a level head when many fighters crumble under that sort of pressure.

 “But Brad was as cool as a cucumber which was spectacular.” Another series of Dwyer’s Boxing Club fighters were on the card for another bout in Mildura, but that was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Now the club’s boxers will have a break from the ring before the action heats up again in August.

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