Top drop ‘cream of the crop’

ALimestone Coast wine estate has been ranked in the top eight wineries of Huon Hooke’s Top 52 wineries of 2022.

Wynns Coonawarra Estate received the prestigious honour, sitting in eighth place on the list which features some of the biggest wineries across the nation.

The rating placed Wynns Coonawarra Estate among the ‘crème de la crème’ of Australian wineries and senior winemaker Sue Hodder said the Wynns team was pleased with the result.

“We have been in (the list) since the competition started, we have been rated highly and we still see that as one of the most important endorsements of quality,” Ms Hodder said.

“We have been as low as number three before and we really value the credibility of this wine competition and its independence and the fact they score all the wines and it’s on an average score, so it’s not about just your best wines.”

Ms Hodder believes Wynns producing good quality wine at all price points was what sets the winery apart from its competition.

“We had quite a lot of reviews in ours and therefore we think it’s a very good endorsement in the quality of our vineyards and winemaking and that Wynns is an important chapter of the Australian wine story,” she said.

“But of course the quality needs to be maintained so people know they can get good value for money.”

Ms Hodder said both small and large wineries were listed in the top 10 of Huon Hooke’s list and it was completely objective tasting and scores.

“It’s about our whole range of wines, so that’s very pleasing to us,” she said.

“We think it’s important for Coonawarra and it’s important that this region is known as high-quality wine and we really are proud.”

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