Top soil in spotlight

Key soil stakeholders in Barker were given the opportunity to meet with a National Soils Advocate last week.

The Hon. Penny Wensley accepted an invitation from Member for Barker Tony Pasin to visit the electorate.

Nationally, Australia has adopted a National Soil Strategy with an objective of protecting, restoring and maintaining the health of the Australian agricultural landscape, to enhance productivity, guarantee a food secure nation and sustainable farming communities.

A world first in terms of elevating soil health to a level of national significance, the position of the National Soils Advocate was established to raise awareness of the vital role soils play and to provide strong leadership and advocacy on the importance of conserving and improving the health of Australia’s soils.

Ms Wensley toured Bio Gro’s Wandilo and Jubilee facilities before holding a round table with key stakeholders from across Barker in the Coonawarra.

“Protecting and improving soil health is essential to growing Australia’s agricultural industry,” Mr Pasin said.

“Barker produces some of the highest quality food and fibre in the world and soil stewardship plays an integral role in driving productivity and delivering resilience to climate challenges as well as food and water security.

“The National Soil Advocates’ visit to Barker was a mutually beneficial exercise to identify the opportunities and challenges of the National Soil Strategy; a 20 year strategy that sets out how, as a nation, Australia will value, manage and improve our soils.”

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