Traffic changes apply

The need for increased pedestrian safety has prompted Mount Gambier City Council to install a no stopping zone at a section of the rail trail.

As part of the construction of a pedestrian refuge, it has been recommended that a no stopping zone be installed on Wehl Street South linking with the rail trail.

In a report to council, General Inspectorate team leader Derek Ferguson said the zone would increase the visibility within the area, therefore increasing pedestrian safety.

“Since the development of the rail trail there has been increased pedestrian traffic as our residents enjoy the new infrastructure that has been installed,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Given the increased utilisation and nearby (Reidy Park) primary school the need for increased pedestrian safety has been highlighted.”

The new no stopping zone will apply at all times to both the eastern and western sides of Wehl Street South, from south of the intersection with William Street.

Council has also recently applied new parking conditions on Davison Street and North Terrace.

Council received a request from McDonald Park Primary School principal Kirsty Hill to extend the no parking zone on the northern side of North Terrace.

Mr Ferguson said this would ensure a steady flow of traffic and improve safety around the school.

“It was recommended to extend the no parking zone to accommodate a larger pick up and drop off zone,” he said.

“This will prevent cars from parking for long periods in front of the school.

“It is noted that a no parking zone is recommended rather than a no stopping zone to allow school drop off and pick up.”

The new zone will apply from 8am to 9am and 3pm to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Meanwhile, feedback regarding parking and traffic concerns on Davison Street has resulted in the installation of a no parking zone to apply at all times.

The decision was made following the monitoring of the area along with consultation with nearby residents and businesses.

In his report, Mr Ferguson said this would be the best outcome for existing residents on the street.

“Given recent feedback from a resident, council consulted with nearby residents and businesses and received five submissions,” he said.

Three residents suggested a no parking zone on the eastern side, on resident requested a no parking zone on the western side, and one resident suggested no parking on both sides of Davison Street.

The new zone will apply to the eastern side of the street.

Corporate and Regulatory Services general manager Darren Barber reported each of the new parking zones will not be detrimental to traffic management in the areas and not have any negative impacts on road safety.

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