Trail step closer to end

A Beachport service club has ensured its community puts their best feet forward with a new section of walking trail.

For some years the Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club has been working on a project to provide a walking trail from what is known as the Outlet, to Glens Point.

Club spokesman David Snook said only 250 metres of the 1400 metre stretch was left to complete. The trail, which consists of boardwalk and concrete paving, follows the immediate coastline along the foreshore of the picturesque town of Beachport.

Mr Snook said the walking trail had become a feature of the coastal village and was enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. “Many favourable comments reach the ears of the Lions club, who have suitable signage indicating that it is they who have provided this amenity,” Mr Snook said.

“Recently we saw a little more of this work being done between the old Harbour Masters house and the newish War Memorial adjacent the jetty.

“The newly laid concrete path was ready for use in time for the commemoration of Anzac Day, where we remembered the sacrifice of those fallen during two World Wars.

“This latest extension of the trail was laid at a cost of $3800, funds which were provided by about as many donuts from our almost famous donut van.”

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