Trio triumphs in warm weather

Last Thursday 31 players took to the greens to play 20 ends of 2-4-2 bowls in warm weather conditions at the Millicent Bowls Club. By the 15th end the conditions started to cool down and light rain cooled the players by the end of the game.

The winner’s title went to a triple, Jan Buhlmann, Eddie Hann and Derk Pietersma with a score of 33+12. Runners- up for the day was the pair of Wayne Burris and Neil Whelan, scoring 32+11.

Other winning teams were Glen Schapel and David Reichelt 31+6, Chris Earl and Peter Scanlon 31+1, Frank Cooper and John Buhlmann 30+9, Derek Bowering and Ian Ross 30+6 and Andy Kramer and Peter Varcoe 28+1.

The Championship Pairs are to be completed before this Sunday so the winners are ready to play in the Champion of Champions Pairs in Millicent.

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