Unusable clothing dumped at region’s opportunity shops

Opportunity shops across Mount Gambier have been inundated with poor quality clothing and goods as a result of thoughtless dumpers.

A large number of donations are going to landfill, leaving charities to “foot the bill” according to Mount Gambier volunteers. Jean Winterfield, a volunteer at one of the region’s Opportunity Shops, said staff and volunteers had been left frustrated and disheartened by the actions of some members of the public.

Mrs Winterfield said the money raised by charity shops went to help the homeless, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, emergency needs and for people who have had to leave home. She said the money raised for charities through selling donated goods was immeasurable, however the cost was not.

“Every day we are open about 80% of the clothing donated is unsellable, meaning often times the bad outweighs the good,” Mrs Winterfield said. “These items are smelly, damp, stained, dirty and ripped.” “Thank you to all the wonderful people who do the right thing by donating good quality pieces.”

Mrs Winterfield said the solution to this problem was pure and simple. “Please make sure the clothing and goods that are donated are good quality items we can sell to be able to raise the money for those in need,” she said. “If you would not wear it or use it in this condition, please do not donate it.”

Visit the region’s numerous opportunity stores if you have any pre-loved clothing in good condition that you would like to donate.

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