Vaccine roll-out reaches Limestone Coast

COVID vaccinations have kicked off in the Limestone Coast, with aged care residents receiving their first dose.

Last week Boandik Lodge’s three residential homes were visited by medical professionals to administer vaccinations.

Some staff also received their first dose using the surplus vaccinations on site, while the remaining staff will be vaccinated with the next round of available doses.

Meanwhile, it was a false start for immunisations at Millicent’s Boneham Aged Care Services, with vaccinations initially scheduled for last Friday.

Administration of the COVID vaccines to the 90 residents was cancelled at the last minute.

Five nurses contracted by Aspen Medical were on-site from mid-morning but the vaccines did not arrive.

It was revealed later that day the COVID vaccines earmarked for some aged care facilities in South Australia had instead been sent in error to Perth by the logistics provider.

BACS general manager Michael Filsell explained the role of his organisation in the roll-out on social media before the cancelled vaccinations.

He said Aspen Medical have been contracted by the Federal Government to provide COVID vaccinations.

Mr Filsell said the vaccination required two doses delivered several weeks apart.

“BACS has no control over the COVID vaccination coordination process – our role is restricted to managing resident consent, comfort and safety during the vaccination program,” Mr Filsell said.

“Results worldwide to date suggest the first dose alone provides a very high level of protection against the impacts of COVID 19.

“Please note that residents are receiving the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, not the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

“There have been no reports from anywhere in the world that we are aware of about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine so you can be assured that it is safe and effective for older people.”

According to Mr Filsell, all at BACS were looking forward to the roll-out.

“Our residents will have a very high level of protection from the impacts of this terrible disease,” he said.

“It is the start of the pathway to normalcy for care homes such as Boneham Aged Care Services.”

Meanwhile, Mount Gambier medical clinics are also planning their involvement in Phase 1b of the vaccine roll out.

Ferrers Medical Clinic has been allocated a small number of vaccines each week, with a start date to be confirmed.

Ferrers will offer appointments through a nurse led COVID Clinic.

Hawkins Clinic has been allocated its number of vaccination doses and is preparing to take part in the national rollout.

Dr Try Medical Clinic expects its first supply of vaccines to be delivered tomorrow and is planning clinics.

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