Veterans hit Bay

A total of 68 players made the journey to Port MacDonnell for the SE Veterans’ annual visit. Being a nine-hole course, astute planning used two tees and the large field played without too many holdups, apart from a lot of ball searching from time to time.

No less than 36 Points was the best score from Bordertown’s Baz Turnbull. Turnball took out First Division from Attamurra pair Rob Harkness and Barry Brook on 34 points each.

Second Division went to a count-back on 36 points. Blue Lake’s Alex Juokoff eventually won from Glen Tilley and Allan Webster. The Ross Orchard trophy was won by John Millhouse and Tony Klug, while 31 points or more won a ball.

Alan Schultz snaffled the Scotch and Eric Roughana got the wine. Players are reminded the visit to Blue Lake is next Monday due to a clash with the Southern Ports event. The AGM Ambrose will be held at Attamurra on Monday, March 15.

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