Wild weather creates court chaos


In wet and windy conditions, Tantanoola  started the game strong, with great defensive pressure and accurate conversions  from goalies Emma Gould and Jami Walker contributing to the team scoring the first four goals of the match.

However, Kalangadoo took a couple of minutes to adjust and quickly turned the slow start  around to go into the first break with a five-goal advantage.

The second quarter saw Kalangadoo step up their pressure, with Mikaila Pitt creating many turnovers and together with Chloe Pratt made Tantanoola earn possession.

Tantanoola’s mid court worked hard to find space and fed their goalies accurately.

Kalangadoo went into the main break in front, 32 to 24.

Kalangadoo made changes at half time, bringing Sophie Wrightson on to wing defence and  moved Jane Auld to wing attack.

Auld instantly made tough work for her opposition Alex Lucas.

Tantanoola’s defence of Kate Bromley and  Tayla Rowe worked hard against their experienced opposition but had trouble making an  impact on the dominate goalies, as Kalangadoo went into the break with a 13-goal advantage, thanks to accurate shooting from Melissa Russell and Abbey Duncan.

The final quarter started as an even contest until Kalangadoo stepped up their defence, which forced some wayward passing by Tantanoola.

Kalangadoo were able to extend its lead to finish the match ahead with 67 to 52.


Hatherleigh adjusted well early into the first quarter with the defensive combination of Maddie Pulmer and Chelsea Galpin forcing turnovers from Kongorong.

The Kongorong attack line took some time to settle, as Courtney Sealey returned to the club to play in the mid court for her 100th game.

Hatherleigh’s early defensive pressure  and ability to quickly adapt to the poor conditions gave them a lead of 13 points, heading  into quarter time.

Kongorong looked to find their feet in the second quarter with defensive pressure lifting, as they tried to slow Hatherleigh’s tempo.

However, Kongorong found it difficult to penetrate Hatherleigh’s defence and only  ended up with eight attempts for the quarter.

Hatherleigh’s Keston Green and Lacey  Haines combined well to work through  Kongorong’s defensive pressure and push their lead out to 26 at half time, with Green slotting 10 from 12 for the quarter.

The third quarter saw Pulmer and Galpin swap and Rosie Nettle hit the court in wing  defence, with Hatherleigh’s defence continuing to push.

Ella McIntyre and Zara Von  Stanke had their highest scoring quarter of the game.

Buckingham and Bald continued to work hard in defence but all of Kongorong’s improvement and hard work was outshone by Hatherleigh as they continued pushing their lead out to 34 at three-quarter time.

The last quarter saw Kongorong’s only swap as Kate Wright hit the court in centre for her A Grade debut.

She worked overtime through the middle and matched the high intensity, defensive pressure of the rest of her team, resulting in forced errors from the Eagles.

Kongorong continued to work hard and  try and make something out of their game, but again Hatherleigh’s amount of scoring attempts in comparison to the Hawks allowed them to further push out the margin in the last quarter to give them a 44-goal win.

The final score was Kongorong 20 to Hatherleigh 64.


Another wet and windy day at the Bay made play difficult at times, but Mount Burr were able to come out on top, getting the win against Port MacDonnell by 19 points.

Both teams started strong, with Mount Burr  winning the first quarter 12 to 5.

Bay defenders Lisa McGregor and Morgan Amy made the  Burr shooters work hard.

The second quarter saw the Burr’s shooter  Ebony Clark shoot with 100% accuracy and continued her accuracy throughout the game by only missing four shots.

The Bay made changes at half time, bringing shooter Cody Manning on who worked well with Brooke Williams.

Mount Burr defenders Heidi Clark and Madi Haggett still made it very tough for the Demon goalies.

Mount Burr continued on with a solid last quarter but the win was not made easy.


Nangwarry came out fighting hard in the classic South East winter weather, but it was Glencoe’s  Emily Thompson who took the first intercept for the game which led the team on to  a 10-goal run.

The full court defensive pressure earned  Glencoe four held balls for the quarter.

Going into the second, Nangwarry’s Cassie Dinnison tried to create some more movement in the goal circle with some strong drives and was well supported by Kylie Heaver on the wing.

But Sarah Edwards’ ability to read the play was causing havoc for the Saints who were unable to find the space they needed.

Down the other end Caitlin Hentschke and Laura Edwards shot with accuracy and snatched in any loose balls that became available.

Nangwarry’s Ebony Lawson worked hard all game to slow down Glencoe’s transition but it was a tough task against Donna Jeaschke and Ashleigh Edwards as they found space with ease and fed the ball well from on and off the circle.

In the end Glencoe took out a comfortable victory 82 to 23.

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