Zodiacs keen to challenge Hobitz


This Saturday round 9 of the 2022 Mount Gambier Netball Association season is taking place on and Zodiacs and Hobitz take centre stage on court 1.

Zodiacs are coming off a fleeting 12 goal win over Vicis last Wednesday before missing the wild weather on Saturday.

Meanwhile the hunting Hobitz sported a narrow win against Saints in round 7 but hit back with a striking 28 goal win over Vicis.

Since their last face off in round 4, Zodiacs has scored two wins over Saints and Vicis thanks to their well-trained offensive and defensive sides.

But Hobitz have found themselves in the same position but comfortably sit at second position on the ladder, while Zodiacs is fourth.

The game should be excellent to the eye and it would be surprising if little separates the sides on the scoreboard.


On Court 2, Vicis and Intruders will have an interesting matchup.

Vicis currently sit at the bottom of the ladder for this season with no wins to their name but that should not take away the fact of their refusal to put their heads down.

The Intruders faced their first ever lost this season against the third placed Saints which would have been a massive shock for not just Intruders but maybe even Saints themselves.

The game was a four-goal loss so not a massive bruise for the side but they will be training hard to get ready for a massive face off against Vicis this Saturday.

Intruders have an impressive defense while they also attack the ring well.

Both of these two games will be start at 2.45pm, this Saturday.

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