Burst pipe clean up continues

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Burst pipe clean up continues

Around 90% of the work has been completed in the wake of flooding at Mount Gambier Hospital earlier this year.

Caused by a burst pipe, Health Minister Chris Picton has told the House of Assembly the flooding was very rapidly addressed by the team at the Mount Gambier Hospital to make sure the facilities could come back online as soon as possible.

Mr Picton was responding to a query posed by Independent Mount Gambier MP Troy Bell.

The minister thanked Mr Bell for his interest and said the quick work by the emergency services and staff had enabled critical hospital services to be able to continue.

“When the flooding first appeared, it looked as though there would be very significant impacts in terms of the number of operations for the foreseeable future; luckily, that was not the case,” Minister Picton said.

“The pipe burst that resulted in flooding impacted the surgical ward and nearby corridors.

“There was a prompt emergency services attendance, and several off-duty staff came in to assist the immediate clean-up.

“Since the (burst pipe) incident, the Limestone Coast Local Health Network have progressively worked through addressing the impacted areas, which did result in some closures of walkways for resurfacing and carpeting.

“The surgical ward was down from the incident from the Saturday afternoon until the following week; it was then back and operational within seven days.

“The LCLHN had a hygienist come on and test the area to ensure it is compliant and there are no lingering issues for the infrastructure or air qualities.

“I am advised the majority of the rectification works are now complete – around 90% of the works that need to be done, with the full return of services.

“There have been minimal postponements that have had to be addressed.

“This is a very positive response not only by the emergency services but by the LCLHN that has resulted in very minimal impacts in terms of patient outcome.

“Obviously, the LCLHN will be looking into the causes of that to try to make sure there is not a repeat of that sort of incident.”

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