Active city moves afoot

Active city moves afoot

Mount Gambier residents are being urged to seize the opportunity to influence a council-led movement towards active transportation and healthier lifestyles.

Endorsement of City Council’s CBD Accessibility Audit is required from elected members to enable the final community consultation to be undertaken on the draft Shared Path Masterplan

The matter has been listed for consideration when council meets for its February monthly meeting being held today.

“This report summarises the strategic work undertaken to guide a deliberate, planned approach to improve accessibility and active transport within the city,” Engineering, Design and Assets manager Abdullah Mahmud said.

Feedback will be included in the final draft of the Shared Path Masterplan to be presented to the April 2024 council meeting.

According to Mr Mahmud, Mount Gambier has the potential to be national leaders in shared pathways and active accessibility.

“Adopting a deliberate, planned approach to delivering a quality infrastructure network within the city presents an opportunity for Mount Gambier to be national leaders in the space of shared paths and active accessibility.

“The objective of this masterplan is to provide council with a framework to increase accessible, active transport across the city through improved connectivity and shared pathway networks.

“The Masterplan has been designed to not only consider shared paths, but also footpaths and dedicated cycling paths that can be utilised by a variety of active transport users.”

The pathways would be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, scooters and people with mobility restrictions.

Mr Mahmud said frequent community feedback and requests for infrastructure improvements related to increasing active accessibility within the CBD prompted Council to undertake the Audit.

“The CBD audit was deliberately undertaken to establish the current accessibility of the city’s highest traffic area for pedestrians and people with mobility restrictions.

“The objective of the audit is to document the current accessibility and provide recommendations that can inform a deliberate approach to improve accessibility within the city’s highest traffic area.

He said the positive impact observed with the Rail Trail shared path has highlighted the need for Council to provide an integrated and connected shared use pathways network.

In his report Mr Mahmud highlighted the benefits of active transport and shared pathways.

“Good quality infrastructure that makes people feel safe and separated from traffic will get large numbers of people active.

“Councils’ investment in shared path and cycling infrastructure has been ad hoc to date.

“A well-developed masterplan will consolidate council’s strategic aspiration and provide a real opportunity to install infrastructure that can lead to positive change in people’s 

A copy of the Shared Path Masterplan and CBD Accessibility Audit has been included in the February council agenda.

If endorsed, the draft Shared Path Masterplan will be open for public consultation until March 15, 2024.

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