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Numbers rose as agents yarded 813 head of live-weight and open auction cattle. These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder and restocker support. Quality lifted this week with more cattle coming off supplementary feed as the market continues to sell to very strong rates as the younger types sold to as easier trend, while the older types lifted in price this week.

Yearling steers to the trade made from 454c to 520c, with similar heifers making from 380c to 505c/kg. Feeder orders operated on steers from 380c to 548c and on heifers from 470c to 509c/kg. Restockers were active over both sexes from 370c to 500c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks ranged from 365c to 448c, with feeders active from 420c to 460c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 355c to 444c with feeder support from 382c to also 444c/kg. Manufacturing steers returned from 315c to 350c/kg. Heavy weight cows lifted in price again this week by up to 8c as they made from 325c to 374c/kg.

The light weight types ranging from 242c to 328c/kg. Both the trade and feeders were active on heavy weight bulls with sales from 235c to 320c/kg. The light weight bulls made from 320c to 340c/kg.


Numbers eased a little as agents yarded 462 head of liveweight and open auction cattle. These sold to a larger field of trade and processor buyers along with feeder and restocker orders. Quality was mixed over the pens as the market sold to mainly improved rates this week.

Yearling steers were small in number with only a solitary beast going to the trade at 415c and feeder orders were active here from 425c to 540c/kg. Yearling heifers to the trade lifted, making from 405c to 496c and feeders were active paying from 360c to 516c/kg.

Restocker support for yearling heifers ranged from 420c to 490c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks ranged from 360c to 440c to hold firm with feeders operating from 404c to 467c/kg on lighter weights. Grown heifers to the trade made from 380c to 444c with feeder buyers paying to 470c/kg.

Manufacturing steers ranged from 280c to 363c/kg. Heavy cows lifted 10c and more in places, returning from 305c to 364c, while lighter weights reached 299c/kg. Cows purchased by feeder buyers made from 255c to 305c/kg. Bulls ranged from 230c to 280c/kg


Numbers continue to fall away as agents yarded 1951 lambs and 598 sheep to total 2549 head overall. These sold to the same smaller field of trade and processor buyers as the previous weeks along with a small number of active restockers. Quality was very mixed with something to suit all orders coming forward and a large number of small clean up lots as the lamb market ranged from firm to easier this week.

Light lambs to the trade made from $115 to $144 with the light weight trade score 2 and 3 selection making from $144 to $154/head. Restockers turned a small number back out from $83 to $136 and they paid to $220/head for a pen of first cross ewe lambs. Trade weight score 3 lambs made from $154 to $185/ head with the best of these remaining unchanged in price and reaching around the 800c/kg cwt area.

Heavy lambs eased $6 to $8 reaching a top of $215 while the extra heavy pens made from $215 to the market high of $272/head. Hoggets made from $132 to $220 while light sheep sold from $90 to $115/head. Medium weighted sheep ranged from $132 to $156 with most of the heavy pens selling to $235 with the exception of a small pen of extreme weights that reached $261/head. Rams made from $62 to $150/head

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