Bushfire recovery response bolstered

A local Lions club has donated a substantial amount of money to buy a tractor to assist with fire recovery efforts.

The Beachport Rivoli Bay Lions Club donated $10,500 towards the purchase of a tractor to enable a post driver to be permanently mounted.

Club spokesman David Snook said the donation followed a request for funds from District Governor Norm Sommerville of Lions District 201C2.

“This follows the bushfire that burnt through from north of Kingston to Lucindale destroying considerable livestock, fencing and one home,” he said.

“Previously, through a grant of $30,000 from the Australian Lions Foundation, the Lions C2 District was able to purchase a Munro post driver to assist with the re-fencing of farms on Kangaroo Island following the devastating bushfires that wiped out two-thirds of the island.

“The post driver was loaned to Blaze Aid, which operated it in conjunction with their own, thus making the job twice as fast.”

Mr Snook said the Lions District 201C2 brought the post driver back to Lucindale to help rebuild fences following that fire, but it was difficult to find a suitable tractor.

“This prompted ‘Stormin Norman’ as he ought to be called, because he is a very persuasive fellow, to find funds to buy a tractor to mount the post driver on, thus making it more manoeuvrable,” he said.

“A John Deere 62030 tractor fitted with a cab, was purchased at a cost of $25,000 with funds from Beachport Lions and some contribution from Kangaroo Island clubs.

“Lucindale Lions Club will provide the balance and maintain this machinery.

“Beachport Lions also provided another $2000 to go towards feeding the volunteers doing the recovery work.”

The equipment will provide immediate support in future bushfires.

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