Cows for Kids helps make a difference

Cows for Kids helps make a difference

Three Mount Gambier ‘Cows For Kids’ committee members recently travelled to Cambodia to help make a difference in the lives of Cambodian children.

The not-for-profit charity raises funds for disadvantaged Cambodian children and families to provide them with food, education and clothing with a mission to end the poverty cycle in Cambodia.

The members who travelled over were David McKinnon with his wife Kate, Paul Chuck and Chhayleang Yiv.

“We are hoping to have a house built this trip so the money raised is certainly going to a good cause, along with supporting the orphanage and as well as other things,” Mr McKinnon said.

Mr McKinnon said Cows For Kids came about after visiting Cambodia and seeing the children living in dire situations.

The charity raises funds through people agisting cattle on their property, raising and selling them along with donations.

“If we get donations along the way then we will buy more cattle with it or value add the money in one way or another,” Mr McKinnon said.

Every dollar raised is donated towards the kids in Cambodia and Mr McKinnon said it was important to try and help to give people in Cambodia some relief and hope.

“We’re trying to give kids an education and an opportunity in life,” Mr Chuck said.

Mr Yiv said educational supplies Cows For Kids provided included textbooks, school bags, stationary and uniforms.

“We hope from what we are trying to do, it will help to bring them out from a place like a small village, give them a better and brighter future, they will be able to work in the city or would be able to travel as an eye opener for them,” he said.

“We think that education is so important to really bring people out of poverty, give them some opportunity.”

“If you can teach a child like that English at an early age it gives them an opportunity to get into the tourism sector which is massive, 10 ,000 to 20,000 people a day go through Siem Reap,” Mr McKinnon said.

“Then they support their whole family. They’re very family-orientated and if they have got one child that can get through with an education then they help all their family and it changes everything,” Mr Chuck said.

Visit to donate and for further information.

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