‘Deposit scheme’ overhaul in sights

‘Deposit scheme’ overhaul in sights

South Australia’s renowned Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is set to receive its first significant overhaul in its 45-year history following the release of a new consultation report.

The report, released last week, summarises 250 submissions from the public, CDS stakeholders, environmental groups, industry and government.

Climate, Environment and Water Minister Susan Close said the State Government was committed to improving the scheme and supported many of the proposed improvements including:

– more flexible and accessible return options

– digital refund processes in addition to cash

– the ability to donate directly to charity

– a streamlined and modernised governance structure

– simplifying participation and fees for the beverage sector.

The report also suggests more flexible recycling options including reverse vending machines which are popular interstate and overseas.

Minister Close said the government was also contributing to the national CDS review to align the range of beverage containers to other jurisdictions and will consider broadening the range of glass containers included if there is a national consensus.

Among the key findings in the consultation was the inefficiency of the current kerbside recovery system for glass due to breakage, with the potential to increase the amount of glass recycled by up to 70%.

Minister Close said the government would also continue to work with recycling depot operators and beverage producers to develop legislative changes.

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