Flashes of craft festival on show

Some of the popular elements of the annual Geltwood Craft Festival are currently evident in Millicent. Dozens of decorative quilts are now displayed in occupied and unoccupied shops and offices throughout the Millicent CBD.

They have been arranged by individuals as well as such organisations as the Live and Learn Craft Group. Such displays have been part of every Geltwood Craft Festival since its inception over 20 years ago.

Festival committee secretary Pat Muhovics said the quilt displays brightened the main shopping and business areas of Millicent. “I am also the president of the Millicent Craft Group and our display is in the public library,” Ms Muhovics said.

“Due to the uncertainty and the COVID protocols, we have not been able to have the Geltwood Festival quilting and craft workshops in 2020 and 2021,” Ms Muhovics said.

“The street markets and Lions Family Fun Day have also been cancelled for this reason in the past two years.”

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