GP numbers ‘plunge’

GP numbers ‘plunge’

The number of doctors at Millicent has plunged to a 50-year low.

The Medical Clinic Millicent is down to just four full-time and one part-time GP owing to the recent scheduled departure of two registrars.

Dr Rachel Tymianski and Dr Melissa Chua have completed their 12-month stint at the Short Street practice and have not been replaced.

The practice had a record 13 doctors just over a decade ago.

Clinic partner Dr James Bushell has worked in Millicent since 1997 and has described his fears on social media.

He said rural and regional Australia was 500 short of the 1500 GPs required.

“This is more bad news for our community and it is not good enough,” Dr Bushell said.

“If we lose just one GP at the Medical Clinic Millicent, it will be a disaster.

“It is sad that our rural community suffering major health crisis issues does not get the attention it deserves, as these will not influence any election outcome.

“So we need to put more pressure on our members of parliament Nick McBride and Tony Pasin and on social media.

“Our State Government spends a fortune for hospital locums.

“Despite an incredibly dedicated nursing staff, the service at Millicent Hospital is often a service which does not hold up to the standards that I was accountable to for the 20 years I was on call there.

“This GP shortage means there will be much more pressure for the limited amount of Medical Clinic Millicent appointments available and more pressure on the hospital for the many people unable to get appointments at the clinic.

“This will not be well received by the hospital locums.”

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