Inaugural Limestone Coast Football Netball League season set to launch

Inaugural Limestone Coast Football Netball League season set to launch

The opening round of the brand new Limestone Coast Football Netball League will commence this weekend. The SE Voice sports journo Will Boston has cast his eye over the clubs and how they sit in anticipation of Round 1.

North Gambier

North Gambier will be looking to have a big 2024 with players setting their sights on premiership glory in 2024, while the Tigers’ B Grade outfit will be eager to start the season on a strong note and get on the winner’s list early.

The Reserves will hit the ground running under the guidance of Tim Young and Sean Horrigan as coaches for, while in the A Grade the Tigers will be changing up the coaching roles too, appointing Jordan Hollitt and Nick McInereny as to the co-leadership role.

The on-field pair will look to play an on-field role in the side’s premiership aspiration.

In round 1 the Tigers will play West Gambier at Malseed Park.

I expect this game to be close, but with it being round 1 anything can happen.

East Gambier

Kicking off the 2024 Limestone Coast Football Netball League season on the right foot will be important for East Gambier as it looks to show some bite to the competition.

The signing of players Kev Thomson and Beau Nunan will bring a touch of spark to the Kennel in 2024.

The Dogs B Grade side will also be fuelled up to go all the way in 2024 under the guidance of Ali Scott as coach.

Scott’s experience should play a major role in guiding the Dog’s 2024 campaign in search of the ultimate end of season prize.

This week East will play South Gambier at Blue Lake Sports Park.

This matchup between the Dees will be a good one all season.

I predict these two sides will likely be fighting for that fourth spot on the ladder this year.

South Gambier

South Gambier will be firing on all cylinders this weekend as the first siren of the opening round of the inaugural Limestone Coast Football Netball League season sounds.

The Demons have a strong playing list which will be led under the guidance of senior coach Peter Duncan.

Using his inside knowledge as an ex-Millicent assistant coach, Duncan will provide the young Demons’ side with some much-needed experience and winning mentality.

The Dees will also look to ruckman Mason Hein to be pivotal in the centre which will be an asset to the A Grade side.

Will Wright will also stand alongside his brother Harry this season.

Retired South Gambier legend Brett O’Neil and 300 gamer Chris Williams have taken on the coaching role for 2024 with the aspirations of going all the way to claim the LCFNL crown.

This week South played the Doggies at home.

This will be an early test for this team with lots of young players coming into the senior teams.

West Gambier

West Gambier will look to build strong momentum into the 2024 season with senior teams having the ability to go all the way to the big dance.

There will be plenty of fire in the belly to show the league the Roos mean business in both the A and B Grade sides and will be wanting to secure the premiership and stamp their authority on the competition.

Key player and the team’s leading goal kicker, Daron McElroy has signed on as the senior coach for 2024, looking to get over the hump and make it to the final dance in 2024.

Looking to start off the year strong, B Grade player Josh Schapel will be gearing up for another dominant season.

Schapel is a key goal kicker for the Roos and will be an important target up forward that all teams will be working hard to limit his impact.

The team will be looking at him to have a huge season in 2024.

After a strong preseason and good results in their trial matches, West will launch their 2024 campaign against North Gambier which will be a good challenge for them early in the season.


Millicent’s A and B Grade sides will have their sights set on securing the inaugural Limestone Coast Football Netball League premiership honour and will no doubt be a massive target for opposition teams early in the season.

The side will be led under playing coaches Thomas Renzi and Jacob Carger who will take charge for the 2024 season alongside Finn Grimes as captain.

This comes after the leadership Grimes has displayed on and off the field for many years in his football career.

Some familiar faces will be suit up for the Saints in 2024, with Jaden Grosser and Billy Shanks donning the red, white and black.

It should be interesting to see if the Saints can draw in the passion and determination needed to make a run at the premiership flag.

The B Grade side will also be looking to all the way in 2024 under the guidance of Craig Gysbers.

This week the Saints will head across the border to face Casterton Sandford.

This should be a win for Millicent and if they can get a Round 1 victory it will set a good tone for them to launch their 2024 campaign.

Casterton Sandford

The Cats will be looking to add Casterton Sandford to the Limestone Coast Football Netball League winners list early in 2024 for both the A Grade and B Grade sides.

Both sides are fuelled up and ready to launch into the new year and climb up the premiership ladder with a number of wins in the hope of playing finals.

The A Grade is under the management of Jarrod O’Brien and will be supported by Cal Currie.

The Cats have also secured the signings of Harold and Edmund Pritchard.

The pair will look to play many games together for the 2024 season with both players committed to the Cats for the duration of the year.

The Cats have a tough game in Round 1 as they face Millicent, but will be looking to cause an upset in the opening round and make use of the home field advantage.

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