Lake Bonney windfarm changes now complete

The new Spanish owners of 112 wind turbines and a $38.5m battery at Lake Bonney and other energy assets have recently announced the completion of the brand name transition from “Infigen Energy” to “Iberdrola Australia”.

The brand transition follows the friendly acquisition of Australian company Infigen Energy by Iberdrola, announced in June 2020 and completed in December 2020. As well as the Lake Bonney assets which date back to 2002 under the former ownership of Babcock and Brown Pty Ltd, Iberdrola has plans for a further 76 wind turbines along the Woakwine Range, north of Millicent.

The proposed 274 MW wind farm will generate enough renewable energy to power approximately 163,200 homes each year. Development Approval for the project was granted in 2012 by Wattle Range Council under the Development Act 1993.

The Iberdrola brand is globally recognised for its exceptional financial strength, its leadership in corporate social responsibility and its proven commitment to rapid renewable energy growth. The managing director and chief executive of Iberdrola Australia Ltd is Ross Rolfe who was formerly at the helm of Infigen Energy.

“Infigen, now Iberdrola Australia, has a 15-year history of leading the renewable energy transition in Australia,” Mr Rolfe said. “Central to our strategy is the belief that customer needs should be at the heart of the renewable energy transition.

“All across the country we are seeing Australian households, businesses and industries voluntarily transition to green power. “These choices demonstrate that Australian consumers to increasingly committed to energy solutions that preserve our natural environment and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

“At Iberdrola Australia, our strategy is to help Australian businesses and industries achieve these environmental sustainability objectives. “We are delighted to have joined the Iberdrola Group, a global renewable energy leader with deep financial resources and unparalleled growth targets. “We have never been better positioned to serve Australian customers.”

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