Liberals take aim at ‘FIFO’ state premier

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Liberals take aim at ‘FIFO’ state premier

The State Government has come under fire from the Liberal Opposition as both parties converged on Mount Gambier in recent days, with Liberal Leader David Speirs claiming that South Australia’s second biggest city is booming, but a “lack of attention from the State Government and a FIFO approach from Premier Peter Malinauskas are putting the long-term success of Mount Gambier and the Limestone Coast region at risk”.

After completing his 10th trip to the city since becoming leader of the Liberal Party, Mr Speirs praised the city’s civic and business leaders for driving economic opportunity and resilience across the region through leadership, hard work and innovation.

“The Liberal Party that I lead is relentlessly focused on creating opportunities for people who work hard and are willing to invest their time, energy and resources in improving their lives and the lives of others. You see those values demonstrated right across the Limestone Coast and it’s paying dividends for the region’s population as jobs are created and businesses flourish,” Mr Speirs said.

“I have travelled to the Limestone Coast regularly for many years and now visit every couple of months as Leader of the Liberal Party.

“My visits are about respecting the region, building my understanding of its opportunities and challenges, as well as connecting with locals to hear what makes them tick and what they want from their government.

“All my trips have been multiple days in length and involve catching up with locals from all walks of life.

“During my most recent trip I attended the Generations In Jazz festival, and also met with council leaders, visited tourism, forestry and dairy enterprises, and hosted a small business roundtable.”

Mr Speirs urged Premier Malinauskas to spend more time walking the streets and talking to locals in an effort to understand the priorities of the region.

“Peter Malinauskas promised to make the Limestone Coast a priority, but since the election his handful of visits to the region give the impression he can barely wait to get back to Adelaide. A private flight, a quick selfie, and it’s off to the city again. That’s no way to respect and understand a region,” he said.

“It is now becoming abundantly clear that many of the promises made by Labor in the lead up to the 2022 State Election have been pushed out beyond the budget cycle and into the never-never.

“There are breathtaking delays to the hospital upgrades, the long-touted Forestry Centre of Excellence, and the technical college, with none of these projects likely to be completed before the 2026 State Election.

“That’s not what Limestone Coast locals were promised.”

Shadow Assistant Minister for Regional South Australia and Mount Gambier local Ben Hood said that Limestone Coast locals were feeling “let down by a city-centric Labor government more interested in Adelaide-based sporting events than providing critical infrastructure in the state’s South East”.

“While Peter Malinauskas enjoys a few beers with the boys at LIV Golf, ambulances are ramping at Mount Gambier Hospital, our regional roads are falling into disrepair and local businesses cannot get workers to fill critical jobs,” Mr Hood 


“On top of all of this, we have also been dudded with our bus contracts with Labor failing to expand services and leaving our most vulnerable unable to travel around the city.

“The whole thing stinks of a city-centric government that treats regional South Australians like second class citizens.”

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