MGNA doubleheader

There will be a few sore bodies floating around Olympic Park after last week’s MGNA doubleheader. Rounds 6 and 7 were both played in the space of four days, while round 8 takes place this weekend. Teams started off on Saturday in chilly conditions with the wind factor keeping all the parents rugged up on the sidelines.

A close game in 13 and Under B between Hobitz Blue and Intruders played out whilst Zodiacs and Hobitz Red was a little more one-sided. Amazons and Vicis followed also with a lop-sided game, but they did not depict the play. Zodiacs and Vicis played a great game with another one-sided result in the 13 and Under A competition.

Saints and Hobitz had a great game playing off for the first time, with the result coming down to three goals. The 15 and Under inhouse clash between Zodiacs Gold and Blue was a spectacle coming down to scoring chances being converted. Zodiacs Blue took an early lead of 13 goals by the main break and consistent interceptions in the defensive circle secured a 37-18 win with Mia Watt and Kimberly Opperman taking the accolades.

Saints and Vicis had a great tussle with defensive work high and only one goal the difference at quarter time. Heading into the last quarter, players were determined to come away with the win and Saints stepped up to be victorious 40-27. Best players for Saints were Lara Tasker and Laura Dellorefice.

The last game in the 15 and Unders was a close battle between Intruders and Hobitz. Play started hard and consistent and a strong second quarter allowed Intruders to move ahead as a few changes caught Hobitz off guard. A super third quarter from Hobitz transformed the game as they outscored Intruders 11 -3 to snatch the lead.

But not to be outdone, changes from Intruders saw them step up their work rate and claw back the lead. Intruders took a thrilling two-goal win thanks to Misty Taylor and Eleanor Doyle, while Hobitz was led by Liberty Dowdy and Ruby Kenny. There were lop-sided results in 17 and Under, but there were much closer contests within the B2 competition.

Intruders and Hobitz played off in a great game with the final score coming down to seven goals, while Vicis and Zodiacs had a battle on their hands with a two-goal difference coming at the final whistle. The B1 ladies also showed their strengths, while Intruders and Zodiacs went head to head in A2.

It was always going to be a tough game for the ladies in Blue and defence work from Intruders was high all over the court seeing them pick a 13-goal lead. Intruders doubled its lead before half time and went on to record a solid 68-20 win after Dakota Miller and Emma Martin performed.

In the other A2 game, Saints and Hobitz faced off and a close encounter was anticipated after the last match was decided by just two goals. Strong mid court work from Hobitz saw them come out on top in a hard-fought opening term as its tight-knit team showed off its work rate. The Saints defenders never gave up, but could not prevent a 61-25 defeat.

Best players for Hobitz were Ieshia Goldsmith and Sierra Young. Only two of the three A Grade games were played this weekend. Vicis had a battle on their hands against ladder leaders Hobitz, but a great game ensued with all players stepping up when needed. Some great moments of play were produced from Vicis, but a strong Hobitz side took the win.

Zodiacs also had a tough game up against an inform Saints side. Interceptions from Saints saw them move the ball with pace down to their goalies well each time to seal the win. Intruders and Amazons will play off on Tuesday with their results being published next week. The Set and Go players again shone through on Friday night continuing to laugh and enjoy learning the game each week.

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