Millicent court update

Following news that court sitting dates in Millicent have been reduced, the courts authorities have moved to explain their decision.

A Magistrates Court spokesperson said a review had been undertaken last year.

“A review of Court circuits was conducted towards the end of 2020 when the new listing schedule was developed,” the spokesperson said.

“The number of cases in Bordertown has fallen, fewer sittings are required at Millicent and the need for further sitting time in Naracoorte has become evident. 

“The circuit dates in Naracoorte were increased which also has the effect of absorbing any cases that might not be accommodated in the reduced circuits in Millicent and Bordertown. 

“A review of all circuit locations will take place periodically to monitor how the changes have affected numbers.  The review of circuit sitting dates for 2021 will ensure the efficiency of Court operations.

 “In 2021 Naracoorte circuits will sit twice a month and Bordertown will sit every three months.”

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