‘New’ school looks back on long history

‘New’ school looks back on long history

Agathering of 200 recently came from near and far to mark 50 years since the official opening of the “new “Mount Burr Primary School.

The modern structure replaced the 1930s-era original school and was based on the open space education theory which was in vogue in the


The honour of opening the school in October 1973 was given to Member for Millicent and Deputy Premier Des Corcoran (now deceased).

It was therefore appropriate that local resident, old scholar and retired MP Mitch Williams was the master of ceremonies.

Former school council chairman Noel Seebohm had the honour of cutting a commemorative cake and a number of the school’s past teachers were


A time capsule was buried under the commemorative cairn near the front entrance in 1973 and many were keen to see its contents.

It mostly consisted of photographs relating to the school and the local timber and milling industries.

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