Robe release ‘improves transparency’

Robe release ‘improves transparency’

The Robe District Council has taken significant steps towards improved community engagement and transparency with the release of three important documents.

The council has released its Draft Strategic Plan 2024-2028, the Draft Buildings and Structures Asset Management Plan, and an Expression of Interest for Airfield Ground Leases at the Robe Airfield.

Mayor Lisa Ruffell said the documents marked a pivotal moment for her community, as it prioritises openness, communication and the active involvement of residents in shaping the future of Robe.

“The Draft Strategic Plan 2024-2028 outlines our vision for the district’s development over the next four years,” she said.

“To ensure that this plan reflects the aspirations of our community, we have implemented a comprehensive community engagement strategy which underpins the information already gathered from the Robe 2050 Community Voices Survey.

“This strategy includes increased opportunities for stakeholders to provide feedback, attend public forums, and of note, improvements in the ease of leaving feedback, which will ensure their voices are heard every step of the way.”

Mayor Ruffell said similarly the Draft Buildings and Structures Asset Management Plan underscores the commitment to responsible stewardship of public assets.

“Through transparent communication and a focus on community input, we aim to optimise the management of our infrastructure to better serve the needs of Robe residents now and in the future,” she said.

“This particular asset class is the first of five draft asset management plans the council intends to release for community feedback, with work still being undertaken on plans for roads, open space, the Lake Butler Marina, and the Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS).

“In addition, the Expression of Interest for Airfield Ground Leases at the Robe Airfield presents an exciting opportunity for development and growth in our district.

“We invite people who may be interested in securing this limited opportunity to lease a portion of airfield land for the purpose of constructing an aircraft hangar, further increasing the use of our airfield, and providing a highly sought after opportunity for aviation enthusiasts.”

Mayor Ruffell expressed her enthusiasm for the initiatives.

“The release of these documents represents a significant opportunity for our community,” she said.

“By prioritising transparency and community engagement, we are empowering residents to actively shape the future of Robe. I encourage all residents to take advantage of the opportunities for feedback and make their voices heard.

“These documents reflect our dedication to clearly setting the strategic direction for the Robe community, as well as underpinning our aspirations to foster an environment of openness and honesty.”

Residents are encouraged to review the draft documents and provide feedback through the channels outlined in the community engagement strategies.

For more information, please visit the Robe District Council website or contact the council office

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