Voice voters go to polls

Voice voters go to polls

More than 30 polling booths will open on Saturday for voting in the inaugural South Australian First Nations Voice to Parliament 

Only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in South Australia can vote to elect their representatives to the South Australian First Nations Voice to Parliament.

Electoral Commission of South Australia (ECSA) Director of Communications James Trebilcock said polling booths will be open in all six regions from 9am until 6pm on election day.

“To find your nearest polling booth, go to savoicelelection.sa.gov.au, where you can find an interactive polling booth locater map and a list of polling locations,” he said.

Mr Trebilcock said 113 South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders will be contesting for 46 positions across six regions to represent the Local First Nations Voice.

The election count will begin on Monday (March 25) to allow the return of postal votes from rural and remote communities across South Australia.

To find out more about voting and voting locations visit www.savoiceelection.sa.gov.au/voting/locations

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