West Gambier serves up pain

West Gambier serves up pain

At Malseed Park, West Gambier completely outplayed a struggling Mount Schank side, serving them a 12-0 defeat.

Mount Schank’s Will Boston showed some fight in his match up against George White, but White was ultimately too good for his opponent, winning 6-4.

West Gambier then quickly made the scoreline 4-0 with three quick wins, Brendan McInnes was the only Mount Schank player in the three matches to win a game, with Alex Laube and Blake Telford going down 6-0, while McInnes lost his singles 6-1.

Emily and Ella Jolley continued West Gambier’s winning ways with Emily Jolley beating Abbey Hood 6-2, while Ella beat Brittany Stark 6-0.

It was more of the same from West Gamber in the doubles matches as the home side continued to take the wins.

Boston and McInnes challenged their opponents but West Gambier was still too good, winning 6-3, 7-5.

Laube and Telford only managed to win the single game in their straight sets loss.

Emily and Ella Jolley combined to win their doubles match against Hood and Bailey Laube 6-1.

A 6-2 win in the final doubles for West Gambier wrapped up the result 12-0 as Mount Schank remains without any premiership points nine rounds into the season.


Uniting claimed a comfortable win in its division one match up with Reidy Park on Saturday afternoon for round 9 of the Mount Gambier and Districts Tennis Association.

Andrew Vandenhurk got Uniting an early win as he faced little resistance from Zayne Young in their singles match, Vandenhurk proved too good winning the match 6-1.

Jace Maxwell just got over the line in his singles match, narrowly avoiding a tie breaker winning 7-5.

Reidy Park fought back with a win of its own at Corriedale Park with Uniting’s Kobe Maxwell losing 2-6.

Daniel Moon had to face a resilient Harrison Ellis, Moon got over the line in the end with excellent return games winning 6-4.

Tessa Megaw’s and Ashlea Dunn’s singles matches were mostly one sided affairs with both taking the wins for Uniting.

Despite her best efforts Sarah Brown was ultimately no match for Alison Telford, with Telford’s serving game proving the difference helping Uniting take another win with the match finishing 6-3.

After having good control over the singles matches, Uniting’s control continued into the doubles.

Vandenhurk and Maxwell played as doubles partners for the first time this season and showed no signs of requiring time to gel.

The pair claimed a comfortable win over their Reidy Park counterparts winning 6-3, 6-2.

Reidy Park then claimed only its second match win of the day with Harrison Ellis and his doubles partner beating Cole and Moon 6-3, 6-4.

From there all matches went Uniting’s way, Dunn and Megaw were ruthless in their matchup against Young and Kelly, not dropping a single game on their way to a 6-0 win.

Telford and Megaw had a similar result with Young and Brown showing more resistance, however Uniting once again took the point winning 6-3.

And finally the premiership points were all wrapped up when Dunn and Telford took on Kelly and Brown.

Despite the little impact the match had on the result the Uniting doubles pair continued to dominate, winning 6-2.

The match finished Uniting 10, Reidy Park 2.


Glencoe handed Mount Gambier Tennis Club a defeat on its own home court on Saturday as the visitors ran away with a 9-3 win.

Dylan Childs delivered a good performance against Will Cameron, taking an lead early and doing enough to winning 6-2.

Patrick Mitchell and James Braun added wins to Glencoe’s score in their singles matches.

Mitchell fought off a strong William Le Cornu 6-3, while Braun managed to win some important late games to beat Hayden Hancock 6-4.

Glenoce dropped a match with Will Hann going down 6-2, but Sarah and Laura got the winning momentum back in Glencoe’s favour with wins of their own.

Laura Edwards’ match against Shae Delaney went right down to the wire with a tie breaker required to separate the pair.

Rylee Seidel won a second singles match for Mount Gambier, doing enough to beat Alice Tentye 6-2.

Glencoe’s Dylan Childs and Mitchell were ruthless in their doubles match winning 6-0, 6-1.

While the pair’s teammates Braun and Han struggled in theirs, with Mount Gambier taking that match 6-2, 6-1.

Abbie Cocks joined for the doubles having not played a singles match and together with Sarah Edwards outplayed Delaney and Giann Ferguson, winning 6-2.

Laura Edwards and Tentye’s partnership proved too strong for the opposition winning 6-2, and Tentye partnered with Cocks winning the final double 6-1.


In division two Suttontown/Glencoe Tigers controlled most of its matches against Mount Schank/Mount Gambier winning the draw 9-3.

While over Malseed Park the home side West Gambier Red was having similar success in its match against Mil Lel/Reidy.

West Gambier Red won all but two singles matches and only lost the one doubles match on its way to victory, bouncing back after last round’s loss to West Gambier Blue.

In division three, two matchups ended in draws with the result decided on games won.

Mount Gambier beat Centrals by the slimmest of margins drawing on 6-6, it was only three games the difference which handed Mount Gambier the points.

At Corriedale Park Uniting/Glencoe also drew with Mil Lel 6-6, although it was slightly more in favour of the winning side with the home team winning 57 games to 44.

Glencoe faced the least resistance of the winning teams in division three over the weekend beating Moorak 10-2 after a strong performance all round.

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