Youngsters ‘steal the show’

Under 15 – Saints vs Hobitz Red

Athrilling match by the Under 15’s on Court One between the Saints and Hobitz Red stole the show in last Saturday’s round of Mount Gambier Netball Association action.

It was a swift start from Hobitz with the ball landing immediately into the ring.

Saints took every opportunity of an intercept they possibly could as Elisabeth Benny (goal defence) worked hard against the Hobitz goalies of Jessica Douglas (goal shooter) and Kelsey Boneham (goal attack).

Douglas recorded impressive shooting during the game, scoring goals from wide out in the goal circle.

Isabelle Forrest (centre) was getting in front of the ball, completing a number of intercepts and knocking the ball out of court to reset play.

An amazing moment between Benny and Emma Johnson (goal keeper) occurred in the first half when thee former intercepted the ball which then landed into Boneham’s hands.

Boneham tried to pass to Douglas but with a drop back from Johnson, it was back to Hobitz.

By half-time, the score was 15-11 with Hobitz in charge enjoying a narrow lead.

The same work ethic and interceptions continued into the second half as Johnson saved many of the Saints goals from either being missed or intercepts.

The pressure was intense in the fourth quarter as Hobitz held a slim two-goal lead and the final minutes were nail biting.

Saints levelled the score and seemed like stealing a win before Hobitz regained composure and scored themselves.

Despite Hobitz enjoying a single goal lead in the final minute, Saints fought back for the ball in the remaining seconds and scored in the nick of time to level the score 31-31 and share the points.

A Grade – Zodiacs vs Hobitz

After a bit of a rainy morning, the afternoon sunshine came out in time for the A Grade match of Zodiacs and Hobitz.

Hobitz were on the ball for this game being extremely quick across the court, but Zodiacs were able to match the energy.

Hobitz star Kym Stewart (centre) was incredible for her side, eager to take on the contest and fight for the ball and was a fast player up and down the court from the first to the final whistle.

Jordi Gower (goal shooter) and Maddy Cowland (goal attack) were excellent shooters for the game and almost all went in.

But when they did not, Zodiacs’ Heather Main (goal keeper) was getting the ball back into Zodiacs’ possession and stealing intercepts against Gower and Cowland.

Hobitz defence of Cindy Launer (wing defence), Dani Russell (goal defence) and Lisa Rainey (goal keeper) was almost near perfect for the game, with hands up against the Zodiacs’ attack at all times.

Ella Cruise (wing attack) for Hobitz also played a stand-out game.

She did not once miss a beat and was in front of the ball at all times.

Half-time arrived with the game neck-and-neck with the scoreboard reading 32-30, Hobitz way.

Zodiacs performed a roll of goals at one point thanks to Tamara Ferguson (goal shooter) who amassed 21 goals for the match.

Sonia Morris (wing attack) was one of the hardest working Zodiacs players on the court, while Morris was always on her toes and moving around.

But their efforts were not enough to stop Hobitz from making a late charge to win by a comfortable 20-goal margin.

Purple Day

Last weekend was more than a game for the MGNA, which celebrated its Purple Day.

It is a day raising funds and awareness for epilepsy in the MGNA Community.

Kat Cooper is the founder of Ella’s Purple Promise and one of the main inspiration’s and drivers of the day.

Ella’s Purple Promise is a Limestone Coast initiative created in 2015 to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy.

Ms Cooper said the inspiration behind the initiative was her daughter, Ella, who lives with two forms of epilepsy and has a number of seizures on a daily basis.

This year a dinner night was held at the Mount Gambier RSL as well as Purple Day for the association, raising a combined $4570.

The reason Ella’s Purple Promise was created was because the Epilepsy Centre based in Adelaide is the only state-based centre in SA and they receive no government funding.

The centre provides vital services to people living with epilepsy including seizure management plans, seizure mats and first aid training.

Ms Cooper’s proudest moment with the initiative is seeing Ella’s enjoyment in what they do and seeing her feel confident and empowered despite her daily struggles.

“To see the Mount Gambier community and local businesses jump on board every time there is an event is amazing,” she said.

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