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Numbers fell away as agents offered 360 head of live weight and open auction cattle. These sold to the usual field of trade and processor buyers along with the continued strong support of feeder orders.

Quality lifted in the grown steers and bullocks with a much-improved offering however it fell away in other categories with numbers having an effect as pricing ranged from firm to easier. Yearling steers went mainly to feed on, ranging from 395c to 538c with similar heifers to feed returning from 440c to 480c/kg.

Trade buyers were active on yearlings paying from 335c to 481c/kg. Grown steers and bullocks to the trade made from 395c to 435c with feeder activity ranging from 410c to 458c/kg. Grown heifers to the trade made from 343c to 440c as feeders operated on these from 405c to 435c/kg.

Heavy cows made from 326c to 367c/kg to the trade to be firm in price. The lighter types also to the trade made from 250c to 314c and feeder buyers paid to 295c/kg. Bulls were small in number as they reached a high of 312c/kg.


Agents yarded 208 liveweight and 18 open auction cattle at the Millicent Saleyards this Wednesday 21 July 2021, a decrease of 160 head. The yarding of mostly good quality cattle was offered to the regular processor buying field, supported by feeder and restocker activity.

There was, however, two good lines of calves on offer from a couple of vendors dispersing their cattle. The steers ranged from 420 c/kg to a top of 542 c/kg and the heifers returning 400 c/kg to 514 c/kg. Yearling steers ranged from 350 c/kg to 500 c/kg and young heifers to 469 c/ kg, while Grown heifers ranged from 399 c/kg to 450 c/kg.

Lighter cows sold from 264 c/kg to 360 c/kg, and heavier cows 210 c/kg to 360 c/kg. Twenty two bulls were offered, light bulls returning 396 c/kg, mediums 178 c/kg to 230 c/kg and heavies returning 178 c/kg to 280 c/kg.

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