Association positions vacant

Association positions vacant

The Millicent Business Community Association is in limbo as none of the senior office-holder positions could be filled at the reconvened annual general meeting in Millicent on Thursday night.

There were 17 MBCA members present at the Shearers Cook Café but none were willing to accept nomination as either chairperson, secretary or treasurer.

However, there were seven MBCA members who were elected to the committee: Lee Morgan, Amy Faulkner, Melissa Armfield, Fiona Telfer, Caroline Hammat, Chris Ellery and Lisa Braes.

Former Wattle Range Mayor Mark Braes was an apology from the meeting but was nominated as the MBCA chairperson.

However, his wife Lisa Braes declined the nomination on his behalf citing work commitments.

The offer of Mr Morgan to continue in the interim as public officer was accepted while the partner of a Millicent accountancy firm was re-elected as the MBCA auditor.

When it became obvious that other office-holders could not be found, Wattle Range Council chief executive Ben Gower said the incoming committee should examine the MBCA constitution as well as the relevant legislation.

Mr Gower said the council was willing to assist the MBCA and he was prepared to have a personal level of involvement.

The first attempt to convene a MBCA annual general meeting at this venue on August 24 had failed as a quorum could not be obtained.

The first part of the reconvened meeting was chaired by Mr Morgan as he was the outgoing MBCA chairperson.

Ahead of the reconvened meeting, Mr Morgan had made it known that he would not seek a sixth year as chairperson but he was prepared to stay on the MBCA committee to assist with the staging of next month’s annual MBCA Outstanding Business Awards.

He said the MBCA had been at fault in the way it had put forward constitutional changes to create a new position of executive officer.

“A structure and framework were needed and we got ahead of ourselves,” Mr Morgan said.

After the report from outgoing MBCA treasurer Sandy Melrose was accepted, the election of officers was conducted by former MBCA president and secretary Marg Chapple.

She urged those present to consider taking on a leadership role and to step out of their comfort zone.

“I stepped up from the MBCA committee and it was the best decision I made,” Ms Chapple said.

“The MBCA has a very healthy membership base.”

During the general business section of the meeting, Millicent businessman Phil Richards said there was a need for Wattle Range Council to promote the area.

“There is a perception that Wattle Range Council does not support businesses,” Mr Richards said.

In reply, Mr Gower said he was willing to continue to talk with him about the matters he raised.

Ms Chapple also responded to the remarks of Mr Richards.

“During my six years with the MBCA, we had great support from Wattle Range Council,” Ms Chapple said.

In reply to a query from The SE Voice representative, Mr Morgan said the Outstanding Business Awards nominations were being finalised but did not state a number.

Founded in 1988 in succession to the defunct Millicent Chamber of Commerce, the MBCA has 90 members and cash reserves of $18,000.

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