Bay the place to be during school holidays

With term 1 of the school year wrapping up, the holiday program at the Port MacDonnell Community Complex kicked into action with crafts available every day.

The first week of the program was very popular with the crossover of the Victorian and South Australian school holidays and saw many participating in our specialised Easter crafts, tie pillows and Anzac Day themed remembrance crafts.

The second week of the program followed with a continuation of Anzac Day crafts, dream catchers and DIY vases.

Along with these crafts, the complex also held their regular Storytime sessions.

The PlayStation, Wii and 8 Ball table were also popular.

A mega book sale was held, sponsored by the BayTown Group Association – (Friends of the Library) and many previously loved books and DVDs were rehomed, with lots of happy visitors leaving the complex.

- Buying, renting or selling? Don't go past -