Casting with Coatsy

A small breeze did not stop many from hitting the water last week. The offshore guys found some nice fish with some pictures of some excellent mixed bags of reefies including blue morwong, nannygai, latchet fish, knife jaw, snapper and shark.

There has still been no tuna to report, but the Portland and Victor Harbor guys are still catching plenty. The Port MacDonnell Offshore Angling Club held its snapper competition over the weekend and it was excellent to see so many eager anglers on the water.

The fish of the competition went to Phil Lewis with his 2.45kg fish and the most meritorious was Tony Bell with a 1.34kg fish on 3kg line. The snapper has been awesome recently with some great fish caught right along the coast.

Remember if you are targeting snapper, even in shallow water, the release weight is still a requirement to have on board. The fish have been nice and spread out lately which has allowed everyone a crack at them.

Land based and boat fishos have all shared in the success. Tegan Podobnik found some great fish off the beach around Nene Valley, including her new personal best of 50cm. The boaties have been into some nice fish from Orwell Rocks, right across to Race Course Bay, Danger Point and Green Point.

Mixed in with the snapper have also been some nice big whiting caught, along with some squid and salmon. The whiting fishos have been getting some nice fish. The Port MacDonnell Breakwater is still fishing well after plenty of legal fish between 32cm and 40cm were reported, along with the odd bigger fish over 40cm too.

The guys fishing Cape Douglas, Hutt Bay and Carpenter Rocks have found some good numbers, while the size has probably been a little bit smaller than usual. Gar numbers were excellent again and I know of some excellent catches from Cape Douglas and Livingstons Bay by both the waders and boaties.

The size has been excellent again and we’re seeing some of those nice red beakers. The trick is as simple as always, anchor or fish over your weed beds, burley up steadily and they’ll come.

You will find mullet, tommy ruff and salmon trout around the same spot, but the gar will never be too far away. The Glenelg River has kicked off over the past few weeks and we are seeing more mulloway being landed now, including some reasonable fish of 80 or more centimetres.

The Glenelg River Angling Club held a fishing competition over the weekend and it was excellent to see a nice mixture of fish weighed in. There were a handful of legal mulloway caught and some nice bream bags.

Roger Caines boated a beauty at 43cm in his bag of five and junior Harry Cram caught himself a nice mulloway and some big bream. A few guys trolled live baits down around the estuary and found a few reasonable fish.

The next few weeks I would expect things to heat up even more down there, so keep your fingers crossed. The forecast for the upcoming week could go either way, it looks fishable at the moment, but we all know how quickly it can change.

Until next week, safe fishing.

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